School Community Council

About SCC

YRHS School Community Council (SCC)

What does the SCC do?

  • Develops shared responsibility for the learning success and well being of all children and youth
  • Encourages and facilitates parent and community engagement in school planning and improvement processes
  • Strives to increase communication between school, community and the Good Spirit School Division
  • Directs parental concerns to the appropriate staff members or administrative personnel

YRHS SCC Constitution

Who does the SCC consist of?

  • Members voted in through an election process
  • Students, teachers, parents and community members

Why should I involve myself with the YRHS SCC?

  • To understand the parent, student and community needs for children and their learning
  • To work with school staff to help develop and recommend a learning improvement plan
  • To provide advice and represent parents and the community to the Board of Education on its policy and programs, educational service delivery and school activities
  • To take action to engage parents and community members to develop a shared responsibility for youth learning

Where and when does the SCC meet?

  • The SCC meets an average of 6 times per year
  • All meetings are hosted at the YRHS

How do I get involved?

  • Attend the YRHS SCC annual general meeting in November
  • For more information check us out at, click on the ‘Menu’ at the top right and select ‘School Info,’ then on the side select ‘School Community Council'
  • Feel free to contact anyone of us listed on the site
  • And by the way...”WE DON’T DO FUNDRAISING!”


2022 - 2023 School Community Council Members


Member Position Term
Kim Poncelet Chairperson  
Greg Litvanyi ​Vice-Chairperson
​Johnna McBride ​Secretary
Tracey Krasowski ​Treasurer

Permanent Members

Member Position Term
Mike Haczkewicz Principal 2022-2023
Johnna McBride Vice-Principal 2022-2023
Alan Kyle Vice-Principal ​ 
Curtis Spelay Teacher Appointment 2022-2023
​Shelly Westberg ​School Counsellor ​2022-2023

Students (1 Year Term)

Member Position Term
Vinay Junek SRC President 2022-2023
Marissa Budz Gr 12 VP 2022-2023
Jona Jiju Gr 11 VP 2022-2023
Isabelle Easton Gr 10 VP ​2022-2023

Representative Members (2 Year Term)

Member Position Term
Kim Poncelet Parent 2022-2024
Greg Litvanyi Parent  2021-2023
Maggie Hrushka Parent ​2021-2023
Stephanie Buckle Parent  2021-2023
​Michele Wiwchar ​Parent ​2021-2023
Yvette Syrota Parent 2022-2024
Karly Wagner Parent 2022-2024
Tara Lucky Parent 2022-2024
Jillian Kriger Parent 2022-2024
​Steve Variyan ​GSSD Board ​ 
​Erin Nicholas Indigenous Student Support Lead