Education Programs

Credit Requirements

YRHS Credit Requirements

1. All Grade 9 and 10 students are required to register in a minimum of 10 credits per year. Grade 11 students are required to register in 9 credits per year, and 12 students are required to register in 8 credits per year. Although these credit numbers are the minimum requirements, all students are encouraged to take 10 credits per year.

2. Drop Policy - Students carrying more than the minimum number of classes may drop non-compulsory credits. To do so, the process must involve Student Services, the subject teacher, and the student's parents/guardians.

3. Students who drop below 3 credits in a semester may be required to discontinue for the remainder of the semester.

Saskatchewan Credit Requirements

Grade 10 students must complete 8 high school credits
Grade 11 students must complete 16 high school credits
Grade 12 students must complete 24 high school credits

Compulsory classes should not be dropped even though the student may be taking 5 credits in a semester.

Compulsory Classes

  English A English B Math Science History
Grade 9 X X X X X
Grade 10 X X X X X
Grade 11 X   X X X
Grade 12 X X     X

Also: Grade 10 Wellness
Also: 2 credits from Art Ed./Applied Arts (Gr. 10, 20, 30) (Note: Locally developed courses do not fulfill this requirement.)
Also: Students must have two 30-level electives to meet graduation requirements.

For admission to the University of Saskatchewan, and to the University of Regina, a complete secondary level standing (24 credits effective September 1990) or equivalent standing is required. The compulsory and elective credits (subjects) will be determined by the college the student wishes to enter.

Driver Education

Program Options

Regular Education Programs Additional Education Programs
Advanced Placement AP

Regular Academic Transitional
Alternative Education Program Functional Integrated Program
(Locally Modified Advanced) Core (Locally Modified Basic)

•All objectives of the department prepared regular curriculum

•Enriched curriculum in English and Math

• Maximum of 50% locally advanced objectives

• Possibility of 2 University Transfer Credits

• 100% department prepared regular curriculum objectives

• A minimum of 50% department prepared regular curriculum objectives

• A maximum of 50% local basic objectives

• Grade 9 courses are referred to as Transitional

• Core Subjects; English, Math, SS, Science

• Grade 10 – 12 courses are referred to as Modified

• Students with developmental delays/disorders

• Students with mild emotional disorders

• Can complete an Alt Ed Gr. 12 standing

• Required courses of study; Language Arts, Career and Work Experience, Math, Science, History, Social Studies or Native Studies, Health, Physical Education, Arts Ed, Practical Applied Arts

• Students with severe / multiple intellectual disabilities

• Goals established for life beyond school

• Areas of Development; Academic, Communication, Personal Management, Social Competence, Physical Wellness, Career and Work Exploration, Task Performance

• Completion of a Dept. Approved Functional Integrated Program


• Regular Academic

• Attendance Concerns

• More time to complete CORE Subjects

• Intended for students at risk

• Full integration by Grade 11

Any combination of Advanced Placement Classes and Regular Academic Classes
TUTORIAL SUPPORT/GRAD COACH – scheduled time to work with a teacher and Educational Assistant to get extra help
The adaptive dimension is designed to assist students to meet the objectives of any approved curriculum (locally modified advanced, Core, Locally Modified Basic, Alternative Education, Functional Integrated
<----------------------- Adaptive Dimension Variables ----------------------->
Student Support Teachers work with all levels of program needs.


  • Topics, assessment, evaluation, instructional materials


  • Strategies, methods, skills, pacing, timing, monitoring

Learning Environment

  • Classroom climate, grouping, physical setting, support EA’s

Raiders Connecting Raiders (RCR)

RCR (Raiders Connecting Raiders) is an Advisor Class in which all students will be randomly placed with a Teacher Advisor in a group of approximately 15 students all from the same grade. The purpose of RCR is to foster school spirit and participation, model and value citizenship and responsibility, build community, encourage leadership, and have everyone be a part of the Family of Raiders. It is the goal of RCR to help change the culture and climate of the YHRS to promote a caring and respectful school.

We will meet approximately 30 times, at different times throughout the school day and year and for varying lengths of time dependent upon the activity assigned to that specific RCR day. There will be an altered timetable to accommodate our Raider Connecting Raider sessions. On these days, a seventh period will be added to the timetable whereby the usual six periods in a day will be shortened. These schedules will be posted on our TV screens as well as posted throughout the hallways to alert you of the special times. They are usually posted a day in advance.

RCR requires mandatory attendance. The attendance policy applies for this scheduled class as any other class. We recommend that students take a picture of the revised schedule when they are posted using their electronic devices to ensure they are on time coming back from lunch breaks or spares.

Raiders Connecting Raiders