Legacy Courtyard

Welcome To Yorkton Regional High School's Legacy Courtyard Gardens Project

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Our staff and students, in partnership with our community and alumni, will revitalize and replant the Courtyard Gardens at the Yorkton Regional High School.

The common vision of the Legacy Courtyard Gardens Committee is to:

  • Beautify these neglected and unused spaces by redesigning and replanting, so that they can be enjoyed by students, staff, and our community.
  • Create interactive learning areas for the study of native species of plants and their uses, and the study of responsible use of both non-renewable and renewable resources.
  • Create quiet areas for learning, reading, creative writing, painting, drawing, photography and reflection.
  • Plant a kitchen garden with produce that could be used in the cafeteria, commercial cooking class, and alternative education classes.
  • Provide a place to display art and sculpture.
  • Develop the use of alternative energy sources, like solar and wind power.
  • Develop the practice of harvesting rainwater for irrigation.
  • Foster a sense of stewardship and responsibility, in both the present and future generations, to maintain and nurture our natural environment.      


The revitalization of the courtyard gardens will include:

  • Regrading the courtyard for proper drainage.
  • Landscaping with native trees, shrubs, sedges, ferns
  • Laying new sod.
  • Planting a Universal Time Wheel with native species of perennials.
  • Hardscaping by reusing the concrete pavers, boulders, and river rock, and by purchasing new concrete for wheelchair accessible walkways.
  • Structures like a wheelchair swing, gazebos, pergolas, arbours.
  • A greenhouse for vegetables and herbs, and a tool shed.
  • A drip irrigation system to use rainwater harvested from the roof of the school.
  • Solar powered lights for gardens and walkways.

The revitalization of the courtyard gardens will incorporate principles of sustainable landscape design.

A sustainable landscape will

  • blend artistry and ecology
  • emphasize native plants and non-toxic materials
  • develop habitats for humans, birds, and other animals
  • minimize harmful inputs such as herbicides, insecticides and chemical fertilizers
  • maximize the use of solar and/or wind power
  • harvest rain water runoff
  • minimize waste outputs by composting green materials
  • use as few resources, and produce as many benefits, as possible
  • be maintained using a philosophy of reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose and reroute.

The revitalization of the courtyard gardens will incorporate native and accent plants.

To stay within the guidelines of a sustainable garden, the courtyards will be planted with many species from the parkland ecoregion. To further enhance the beauty of the courtyards in all seasons, the gardens will include varieties that bloom in the spring, as well as varieties with unique or colourful bark that will brighten the spaces in winter.       

The revitalization of the courtyard gardens will incorporate Universal Design.

Incorporating universal design principles will ensure that the courtyard gardens will be accessible to people of all ages and physical abilities. Attention will be paid to elements that will stimulate alternate senses for those who are visually or hearing impaired.

How can you be involved?

  • Be an advisor or consultant for one of the areas.
  • Volunteer your time and labour.
  • Share your knowledge and expertise.
  • Use your green thumb.
  • Make a monetary donation.
  • Help fundraise.

Contact Sheila Tillman at 306-786-4785.