Student of the Month


Our Family of Raiders is EXTREMELY lucky to have the following AMAZING individuals in our school...

Maisy Wheeler


September 2019

Maisy Wheeler is a grade 12 student at the YRHS who is truly one of a kind.  She is always smiling and is the first to volunteer and help those around her.  She is a creative problem solver and a quick thinker who leads many of our RCR activities.  She has achieved honour roll with distinction each school year, despite having a full course including AP ELA and Leadership.  Maisy also competes on the court on our school's basketball team.  Staff and peers describe Maisy as intelligent, mature, dependable, independent, friendly, hard-working, and someone who really is living life to the fullest.  We are lucky to have Maisy in our hallways.

Andrea Achtimychuk


​October 2019

The Student of the Month for October is Andrea Achtimychuk.  Andrea is a friend all.  She can be found in our hallways with the biggest smile on her face.  She is always willing to help out those around her, even when she called on by the vice-principal, Mrs. McBride.  For example, she starred in our YRHS Promotional Video and helped cut out and organize the staff's fall family bulletin board.  She pays a lot of attention to detail and always gives 100% effort, no matter how much time and energy it takes her.  Andrea emblazons our true Raider spirit and knows what it means to be a part of the 'Family of Raiders'.

Josh Haczkewicz


​November 2019

The Student of the Month for November is Grade 12 student Josh Haczkewicz. Josh is a Honour Roll student, who works hard both in and outside of the classroom. He has already been accepted to the Paul J. Hill School of Business at the University of Regina next year! Since Grade 9, Josh has competed in YRHS athletics in every season. This year he had a successful season as a captain of the Provincial winning Raider Gridders Football team. He was nominated by coaching staff and chosen by a national committee of judges to be a member of the Nissan All Canadian Titan Football Team, which was highlighted at the Grey Cup in Calgary. Currently, he is a dedicated YRHS Senior Boys basketball player who works hard to maximize his skills. His teammates can always count on him to help out when needed. In the spring, Josh is a member of the YRHS Track and Field team. He also demonstrates school spirit by participating in all RCR events. Outside of school, Josh finds time to be part of Yorkton House Hockey and also worked at Harvest Meats. Congratulations Josh; we are lucky to have you in our hallways!

Emma Els


​December 2019

The Student of the Month for December is Emma Els.  Emma is an exceptional grade 10 student with a 90+ average.  She had the highest grade 9 average.  She is a spirit leader for CSLC 2020.  Emma is an integral member of her RCR group and always volunteers for events.  She is involved in YRHS and Legion Track and Field.  Emma studies piano outside of school and works at the Public Library.  Emma is a happy, positive presence in the Land of Orange.  Congratulations Emma!


Miriam Brown


January 2020

Miriam Brown is the YRHS Student of the Month for January. Miriam is the president of the YRHS SADD chapter. She was the recipient of the RCMP Leadership award at the provincial SADD conference. This is given to students who have made significant contributions to their SADD Chapter. She is extremely reliable, is always thinking of new ideas for SADD, and is always going out of her way to ensure that a task is completed. She basically does everything she can to make everyone else's lives a little bit easier. Miriam is also an active member of the Drama club and is currently busy preparing for the upcoming Regional Drama festival. Miriam is a polite, hardworking student. Congratulations Miriam!


​Riley Richards

​February 2020

Riley Richards is the YRHS Student of the Month for February. Riley is a hardworking, responsible grade 12 student. He was a leader on the Senior Football team as a Captain and was awarded MVP. He is a two-time defending wrestling provincial champion and is currently the lone member of the team. Riley is part of the Track and Field team in the throwing events. He has been accepted to the U or R to study education and will be playing football for the U of R Rams. Riley is an active RCR participant who is a leader in his group. He is an overall nice guy who is respected by staff and students. Congratulations Riley!

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