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School Map


The Automotive Shop hosts the students and teachers who work with vehicles in the Auto Body and Automotive classes. This shop allows students to get a hands on look and feel of vehicles, helping the students comprehend the materials they need to learn in order to pass the class. Automotive classes are offered here.

Anne Portnuff Theatre

The Anne Portnuff Theatre is one of the more important areas of the school. The Theatre hosts concerts, performers, the choir and band of the school as well as many of the student functions, including the grad assemblies that are held in the second semester. The Theatre also hosts many speakers and motivational presentations, such as the Heather Laxdall Symposium, which occurs every year.


The YRHS band is good at what they do. Aside from the Music Festival every year, the band goes on various trips throughout their careers.

Business Centre

The Business Center has been in the school for quite a few years and hosts some of the technological and business courses. The room itself is in the business style to present more of realism to the students. Courses offered in the business center include: Entrepreneurship, Accounting and Communication Media classes.


The Cafeteria hosts the nutritional needs of a student. The menu ranges from Salads and Cookies, to burgers, fries, chicken and a different special everyday, which then changes every week. The cafeteria is also used for banquets and special events.


The drafting classroom allows the students who choose to take the program to experience a small example of the drafting field. Students in this class create house models near the end and in the beginning create 3D letters.


Drama is a place where people come to learn how to act and where students come to watch Drama classes perform collectives.


The Gym is the largest teaching area in the school. Students come to the gym for class and to watch the various sports that the school participates in. If a school wide event occurs, the gym is the most likely place to be used for the event. The popular QSP Magazine Campaign Start and Car give-away both occur in the gym. Courses include: Physical Education and Wellness.


The entry
Please note the double entrance. The west (right) door has a book drop built in to it so that borrowers may return materials even when the library is closed. This door usually remains locked. Please use the east (left) door to enter the library.

The circulation desk
Library materials are loaned at this station. When the library is open, all borrowed materials should be returned to the main Book Return slot located between the circulation desk and the nearest bank of computers. Students wishing to use a computer must first sign in the binder on the circulation desk.

Digital access
The library has over 50 chromebooks that are available for student use. Students must sign them out at the circulation desk.

Reference desk
Students who want assistance finding information can ask for help at the reference desk.

Vertical files
The black filing cabinets contain manila folders on a wide variety of subjects. The folders contain pamphlets, maps, posters, magazine articles and newspaper articles. A duo-tang on top of the cabinets contains a thesaurus (an alphabetically arranged, cross-referenced list) of all the files. Each file is catalogued in the library catalogue as well.

Study carrells
Students and staff attempt to keep this area as quiet as possible, so students can work here without distractions.

Reading lounge
The lounge is located conveniently near the periodical collection, and the newspaper stand is situated in the lounge as well. This area is provided as a comfortable place where students and staff can read quietly. It is not intended as a place to visit.

Periodical collection
The most recent issue of each magazine is displayed on the periodical shelving. Back issues are stored in the library office, and are available to students on request. Magazines are available for use withing the library, and should not leave the library.

Circulating collection
The non-fiction collection follows the Dewey Decimal System, and contains a reference section (REF), oversize book collection (LB), and French collection (FR) along with the regular non-fiction collection. The fiction collection, located near the rear of the library, contains French fiction (FRF), hardcover fiction (FIC), paperback fiction (PB), and anthologies of short stories in the Story Collection (SC).

Reference collection
The reference collection is located at the front of the library near the circulation desk. It contains general and subject specific encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, almanacs, indexes, bibliographies, etc.

The reference collection includes an atlas stand and a dictionary stand for oversize atlases and dictionaries. Smaller atlases and dictionaries are shelved in the reference collection.

Upper work area
This bright and spacious area is reserved for students who come to the library as a class, accompanied by their teacher.


Brenda Wong

The duties and responsibilities of the Librarian are many and varied. Here are some of the duties that can assist you:

  • The Librarian organizes, maintains and updates the materials in the library’s print, non-print, and electronic collection.
  • Provides reference information for both teachers and students and assists in the
    development of library skills.
  • Familiarizes herself/himself with all available community resources and makes teachers and students aware of them.
  • Assists and monitors students who utilize the library Internet connection.


This is the school's main office. This is where our announcements come from everyday, and where folks come to pick up messages. The people here do a heck of a job managing the things they do.

Student Services

Student Services is the place where anyone can go to get advice on what classes to take for their desired career. Student Advisors are always here to offer help where they can.


Ever had the sudden urge to melt two pieces of metal together? Maybe you belong in the YRHS welding shop. The students at the YRHS can choose to take the offered welding program where they can experience all hot, melting metal has to offer.


The classrooms of the school are basically the same throughout the entire school. Hosting between 15 and 30 students, teachers present the required information, depending on the class, which allows the students to take in the information and learn the subject matter. English, History, Art classes are offered.