Humanities is the name given to those subjects that are concerned with human thought, language and culture. In our department, English Language Arts and Social Studies/History are core subjects. We offer a wide range of elective courses including Native Studies, Art, Drama, French, Creative Writing, Media Studies, Law, and Psychology. With so many offerings, we are a large department with twelve full time and six part time teachers offering thirty-eight different courses, most of which may be found in the Lower A wing.


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Humanities Events

ELA B10 Police Presentation 

Feb 13, 2017

Cst. Nash and Cst. Neumiller joined Miss Kreklewich's ELA B10 classes to present on the impact of poor driving choices such as driving under the influence and distracted driving (texting).


Social 9 Mayan Mathematics

Oct 7, 2016

Mr Ostapowich's Social Studies 9 class practices their math skills using the ancient Mayan number system.


Anyone know what ...+...=?

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Hist 10 Field Trip

Nov 17, 2015

Pictures for Ostapowich's History 10 class on the field trip May 6 to the Legislature/Government house.