Administrator Welcome Message

Mr. Alan Kyle (Vice-Principal), Mr. Mike Haczkewicz (Principal) and Mrs. Johnna McBride (Vice-Principal)

Welcome from OUR Administrative Team

Principal's Message

It’s my pleasure to welcome you all to the ‘Land of Orange!’

We set out this year to try and get our school up and running in some semblance of normalcy. I think it’s fair to say that we have all been riding the waves of Covid-19 Pandemic for far too long.  I know that I can speak for all staff when I say we wish we could return to ‘normal’ and that after two years of ‘abnormal’ schooling we aren’t certain if things will ever be normal again, or what the ‘new normal’ will even look like.

What we do know is that we are lucky to have a fantastic group of students and staff attending and working at the YRHS.  All of us have been rolling with each punch thrown at us by the pandemic.  This year saw a return to extra-curricular activities, a school that was time-tabled to allow for students to be a part of more than two cohorts at a time within the new ‘quad system,’ and some of the restrictions within the school itself lessened to a certain degree. We also received a huge announcement from the Ministry of Education stating that in March of 2022 our school is going to be undergoing $19 000 000.00 worth of renovations.  The most obvious of the renovations to staff and students alike will be the addition of air conditioning to our classrooms.

Moving forward we can all rest assured that we are all going to work to make your learning experience at the YRHS the best it can be given the present circumstances.

Mr. Mike Haczkewicz, Principal


Vice-Principals' Messages

Welcome to the Yorkton Regional High School.  I am the Vice-Principal that advocates for Grade 11 and 12 students.  Grade 11 students have been on a one year journey “collecting credits” for graduation purposes.  Ideally, we like to see Grade 11 students entering their Grade 11 year with ten credits in the bank, but a minimum of eight in order to graduate in a three year time period.  Over the course of this year, I will be interested in following your attendance and your academics.  Your attitude towards school will no doubt have an overall effect on both your attendance and your academic success.  I will again come into contact with you in your graduating year, which by then, in order to graduate, you will be entering Grade 12 with no less than 16 credits, but ideally a few more than that to ensure you do not fall short.  In your final year of high school, you will be looking to have earned a minimum of 24 credits total.  Many of our high school students graduate with many more credits than 24 as they take full advantage of the fantastic opportunities and supports we offer here at the high school.  It brings me great pleasure in announcing students names as they cross the stage, with a diploma in their hand, wearing a “gown” and a “cap” on their head.  High school is what you make of it…  I encourage you to get involved, have a positive attitude and try your best, always be in search for the orange pumpkin!  

Mrs. Johnna McBride, Vice-Principal


I am excited to welcome you all to the Home of the Raiders where you will begin your journey; “In Pursuit of Excellence.” As the Grade 9 and 10 Vice-Principal, my job is to help transition you into high school during Grade 9, so you are prepared to attain credits in Grade 10. The best way to do this is to engage in your classes with regular attendance and take advantage of all the supports that surround you. I implore you to be in RTime each and every day and use it to become a better student. Take advantage of the knowledge that your teachers will pass on to you. If you have an any issues, big or small, make sure you head down to Student Services or the Entayan Room where one of our team members will help you to develop a plan for moving forward. At the YRHS you always have the support of caring staff and students. There are countless opportunities for you to take advantage of within these walls, both curricular and extra-curricular. High school should be some of the best days of your life and my advice is to get involved in your school. Start planning today for your next four years. Join a club or team, try-out for things that interest you, cheer on your fellow Raiders, and have fun!

Mr. Alan Kyle, Vice-Principal