Georgina's Garden

East Legacy Courtyard Project

Spring has arrived and once again we turn our attention to revitalizing the Legacy Courtyard Gardens. In particular, we will be focusing on the front part of the East Courtyard where we will create a garden and sitting area in memory of Georgina Wilson, our dear friend and colleague who passed away last summer.

The garden will flow from both sides of the entrance pathway, with concrete pavers defining a space where a bench will be placed in her name. The gardens will be planted with spring flowering shrubs, trees, grasses and perennials that will also provide a variety of colors, textures and scents throughout the seasons. The plants will be hardy to our area and mulched to keep them as low maintenance as possible.

One of our community committee members, Sheila Tillman, has taken the design and planned the location of each of the plants. The other members have begun the hard work of preparing the site for the arrival of the topsoil, the landscape ties, the installation of the recycled pavers and the plants.

Our goal is to have it complete by June 6, 2011, at which time we will have a Dedication Ceremony in honour of Gina Wilson. We look forward to the finished gardens so that all students, staff and community members who are visiting our school will be able to enjoy the beautifully revitalized space.


Diane Koch
Committee Chairperson