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Grades Taught

Gr. 9 to Gr. 12


For over fifty years, the Yorkton Regional High School has been the heartbeat of the Parkland region. Currently, the YRHS is the most prominent school in the Good Spirit School Division, offering grades nine to twelve. The YRHS is an expansive building infused with a feeling of togetherness and community. Both staff and students strive to achieve a common goal of excellence. Although the standards are high, Raiders still find time to join together and have some fun. Raiders connecting Raiders or RCR allows students to partake in various activities that break up the day and encourage bonding and socializing. Student leaders in the leadership class create these different activities as well as organize other special events. The YRHS provides students with a wide array of classes and activities that prepare them for whatever career path they choose to take. For students interested in the arts and pop culture, electives include creative writing, art, media studies, communications media, drama, band, photography, and choir. For students interested in a hands-on career path, PAA courses include machining, commercial cooking, robotics, cosmetology, drafting, autobody, welding, and much more. Also, the YRHS offers advanced placement, transitional, and regular courses for every kind of learning ability. The YRHS prioritizes both athletics and the arts. Athletic teams at the Regional include basketball, volleyball, badminton, curling, cheerleading, archery, cross country, football, golf, soccer, track and field, and wrestling. These teams excel against their competition and wear their Raider pride on their jerseys. In 2018, the Anne Portnuff theatre was renovated just in time for the musical production of the Addams Family. Also, the extensive music and arts program offers several opportunities for young musicians and artists. Clubs include jazz band, rock band, pit band, drumming, vocal jazz, amber choir, musical, drama, video production, and stage technicians club. The Regional also offers clubs like Raider's write, the rainbow club or the LGBTQ club, mock trial, yearbook, public speaking club, SADD (students against drunk driving), and social activism. The YRHS continuously strives to provide new opportunities for its students. In 2020 the Yorkton Regional High School will once again host the National Student Leadership Conference. An occasion created by one of our own, Barry Sharp, over twenty years ago. Furthermore, the YRHS staff aspires to see students succeed, which is why programs such as Rtime exist. Essentially, Rtime is an extra thirty-five minutes scheduled into every school day. During this period, teachers welcome students to get the help they need. Students can spend time in the library or go to their math class to study for a test. Rtime was explicitly designed to aid the success of students as well as lower stress levels. The Yorkton Regional High School proves to be an inclusive and vibrant facility, filled with limitless possibilities for the future.