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Renovations Encounter Asbestos

On May 17, 2022 we had an incident where a contractor penetrated a wall to install HVAC ducts to and from the plasma table in the welding shop. During the cutting process we were made aware that there was potential asbestos containing material in the wall being cut. We immediately met on site and unfortunately by this time the cutting was complete. We evacuated the space and brought Pinchin in to assist with testing and abatement as well as to ensure all areas were and are safe to occupy. Pinchin started by running 2 air monitoring tests – one inside the welding shop close to the area of penetration and the second in the C wing hallway outside the welding shop. They also provided abatement instructions to Got Mold? abatement contractors and confirmed the task was completed as instructed.

Both samples were measured at <0.03 which is well below the occupation exposure limit of 0.1 fibers per cubic centimeter both in the welding shop and in the hallway. It has been confirmed with Pinchin that the interior abatement, including the plasma table is complete. The areas of penetration are closed off with the recommended poly and we intend to have a tech on site to install plywood as well for over and above added protection. The area outside is banner boarded off and the crew will complete the abatement in this area first thing in the morning, May 18, 2022.  The plasma table HVAC project will be on hold and I will begin working with Pinchin and Got Mold? to complete these penetrations safely.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this unfortunate incident.  The safety of students and staff is our number one priority.  We are satisfied that the area in question has been more than adequately cleaned and inspected.  Welding classes shall resume as scheduled.

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